Ehlers Estate


     Ehlers Winery is a historical landmark of the Napa Valley. The winery was built 120 years ago by Bernard Ehlers, and has been a center of wine production since then. In the 1970's, the winery became home to numerous new wineries such as Vichon, Saintsbury, and Conn Creek winery, which are all established brands today.
     The past 10 years have witnessed important changes for this old estate. The Leducq family, originally from France, became the owner of the historical building in 2001. They are responsible for the transformation of the winery into a philanthropic enterprise for the Leducq Foundation, a Paris-based organization dedicated to combating cardiovascular diseases. All profits from wine sales are transferred to the foundation, which is the actual owner of the winery.
     In regard to their product, the winemaking and vineyard team is dedicated to the creation of artisanal and high-quality wines from a traditional non-interventionist approach. The vineyards are cultivated under the concept of biodynamy to respect the soil and better express theterroir.
     I was particularly impressed with the quality of the wines, as well as the commitment of the tasting room staff to explaining what makes this winery original and unique.

  Wines Offered: The Estate Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc are the most interesting wines offered by the winery.

  Marc's selection:
  •    Merlot, Napa Valley: This wine possesses the rare combination of being both riper elegant in style, with a drier palate and food friendly profile, even with over 15% alcohol.


  • $10.00 for regular tasting, $15.00 for the Reserve tasting
  • Wine club: offers special discounts per bottle

    Contact: Maria Luisa Rohe
    Address: 3222 Ehlers Lane, St. Helena CA 94574
    Tel: 707.963.5972
    Web site:
    Open Friday - Sunday 10am to 4pm.